The MLC Dance program offers a variety of different dance styles such as Ballet, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Jazz and Tap.  These classes are available to students from 4+ years.

We offer a varieties of dance styles which are taught by highly skilled dance professionals.      

All styles of dance are available for all students and they will have the opportunity to demonstrate their dance knowledge and performance skills through a midyear recital and at the end of the year concert.

MLC Dance adheres to the Australian Dance Vision (ADV) syllabus which is challenging, stimulating and builds students’ skills whilst sustaining their interest.   The ADV syllabus is endorsed by ADV corporate partner AUSTRALIAN DANCE INSTITUTE (ADi), a national provider of VET qualifications in dance training and dance teaching.

For those that want to participate in exams, they will work on foundation movements which is beneficial for their preparations for the exams that are held in the latter part of the year.

Please note: Contemporary Hip Hop and Tap students do not participate in exam work. 

Dance Styles Offered:


Classical ballet builds a disciplined technical foundation of dance skills.  It is graceful, flowing and precise and nurtures individual artistic expression.


Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance styles including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet.  Contemporary dance encourages natural, spontaneous movement.  This dance style is often done in bare feet.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop dance can be performed to many styles of music.  This popular dance style combines elements of various street dance styles, set into a choreographed routine.  You will learn arm, leg, head and body movements combined with upper body isolations, rolls and some floor dance.  Students will be able to dance from the very first class.


Jazz dancing showcases a dancer's individual style and skill.  It is energetic and fun using popular music to execute fast paced moves, fancy footwork, big leaps and quick turns.


Tap is a dance style characterised by using the sounds of tap shoes striking the floor.  It is an exciting form of dance that uses your feet to create percussive beats, rhythmic patterns and timely beats.  The sound is made by shoes that have metal “tap” on the heel and toe.

Students can expect to achieve the following skills from the program:

  •              To learn the foundation of dance skills by developing core strength, fitness and flexibility, coordination and performance skills.
  •              To successfully work in a team/group environment, developing co-operation, trust and responsibility.
  •              To improve self-esteem and confidence through                public performance.
  •              To expand on and improve, through completing                 exam levels in an exam setting.
  •              The ability to create their own dance movements and formulate a choreographic process (developing their individual creative skills).
  •              Continued practice of dance exercises and routines will result in higher competency of execution and development of technique and style.
  •              To build on and expand each student’s dance style repertoire.

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