2017 Waverley Junior Classic including Trans Bass Qualifier results

Level 7                                  1st

Tess Hayes                          2nd AA, 2nd bars,

Lara Lamont                       35 AA

Hannah Tymms                 38 AA, 6th beam

Annabelle Wingrove       21 AA, 5th bars

Amelia Entwistle               12 AA

Nicola Lin Joon15             AA, 6th bars, 6th Floor

Red Competition

Level 6 Green                    2nd

Jacinta Smith                      2nd AA 5th Vault, 6th Beam, 1st Floor

Amy Barnett                       10 AA, 2nd Vault,6th Floor

Madelyn Bui                       6th AA, 6th bars, 2nd Floor

Rebecca Paratz                  16 AA, 5th Floor

Lara Hennessy                   23 AA

Green Competition

Level 6 Pink                        3rd

Saskia Hume                       7th AA, 6th Floor

Daphine Lo                         9th AA

Kalliope Rice                       10th AA

Charlie Murray                  12th AA

Georgia Bevan                   12th AA

Well done to all of the MLC gymnasts who trained hard, competed and had great results!

 A big congratulations to Tess Hayes, who has been selected to the Victorian Team, Trans Bass Champonships in November!!