MLC Gymnastics > Women's Artistic Gymnastics (WAG)

Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (WAG) follows an incremental levels program which allows gymnasts to develop at a rate relative to their ability and needs.

All gymnasts are assessed and selected to enter the competitive program based on physical ability and the desire to train in this program.

The WAG Program

Gymnasts in this program train from two to six days per week, with some gymnasts training up to 26 hours per week. The WAG Program at MLC comprises of approximately 120 gymnasts, made up of both MLC and external students.

The squads are generally have approximately six to ten gymnasts per group, and the coaching staff provide the optimal learning environment for the gymnasts, both challenging and nurturing them.

Pre-Starlets and Starlets - Development Program  

The gymnasts in the WAG Program progress through a systematic developmental pathway that focuses on the advancement of foundation skills, strength and flexibility. The Pre Starlets and Starlets programs provide a solid base from which gymnasts can build for the future. There is no competition at this level.  

Star Flyers - Level 3 to 7  

The Star Flyers program provides the first opportunity for an MLC gymnast to compete at local and state level competition. The Gymnastics Australia levels program is flexible, and encourages safe developmental progressions. Level 3 – 6 comprise of compulsory routines and skills, and Level 7 is the gymnasts’ first opportunity to compete their ‘own’ routines. Gymnasts train up to 22 hours per week in Level 3 – 7.

Shooting Stars - Level 8 to Senior International  

MLC is one of the leading clubs in Australia and has produced a large percentage of Victorian Team Members, who have also become Australian Representatives at Level 10. This program is designed for talented gymnasts who can progress through Level 8 – 10, and compete at local, State and National level competitions. For some very talented athletes, MLC provides an accelerated program for gymnasts who aspire to compete at an International Level and are aiming for selection to the National Squad. Gymnasts train up to 26 hours per week, in Level 8 and above.