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Our Gymnastics for All (GFA) program boasts over 50 class time slots and coached by a highly qualified and strong group of Gymnastics Australia accredited coaches, many of whom have years of experience not only coaching, but also competing in the sport.

Our GFA program aims to ensure each gymnasts' potential is reached through a fun and challenging program. It is designed to cater for a wide range of abilities so everyone can reach new goals. Gymnasts use all the gymnastics Apparatuses; Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor, P-Bars, Rings and of course the trampolines and foam pits! Each Apparatus has a detailed and developmental curriculum to guide all participants of our GFA program through to success in their gymnastics.

This development is tracked using our Progress reports once a term. These are assessed by the athletes coach and taken home to parents to keep them informed and up to date with their progress.

In Term 4, all GFA athletes are also involved in our annual Club Championships, a chance to show off their skills in a competition like atmosphere for families to view.

Our program is structured by age group to ensure gymnast are learning and challenged alongside their peers. The GFA program runs 10 levels, catering for ages 4-17. This structure is broken into Foundation levels, Intermediate Levels and Senior Levels.  


Junior GFA – 1hr (ages 4-5, pre-school)
Level 1 GFA – 1hr (ages 6-7)
Level 2 GFA – 1hr (ages 8-9)


Level 3 GFA – 1hr (ages 10-11)
Level 4 GFA – 1.5hrs (ages 11-12)


Level 5-10 GFA – 2hrs (ages 13-17)

If at any point the coaching staff believe that a gymnast has the potential to move into our Competitive Program, they will be recommended to the Competitive Program Manager.


Classes cater for both girls and boys and introduces them to gymnastics involving a variety of fun and challenging activities which develop a wide range of physical attributes, providing the necessary foundations to build upon, including strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and confidence.

MLC students have the option to participate in MLC after school Recreation classes or our external classes.



In our foundational levels, gymnasts will be exposed to an action pack 1hr class exploring gymnastics movement from its very beginnings. Participants are challenged to discover their movement potential in a safe and fun environment alongside their peers and coaches. This class not only develops self-confidence and body awareness; children also learn skills which are transferable to the classroom, the playground and all sports!

These levels will take a participant through the beginning of supporting their weight, all the way to confidence in skills such as handstands and cartwheels!

Junior – Level 2 classes run for 1hr


In our intermediate levels, gymnasts will improve and develop their gymnastics-based skills on all apparatuses. Participants are taught better body control and are further encouraged to increase the basic strength, flexibility and presentation. This helps to build the perfect fundamentals for which more advanced gymnastics skills can be built upon. Our skill development curriculum will enable gymnast to excel in the skills they are confident in and improve their capability in areas that may need work.

These Levels will take participants from the basics of all movement to a competent gymnast in executing skills such as pull overs on bars and bridges on floor, all with a focus on presentation.

Level 3 Classes run for 1hr
Level 4 Classes run for 1.5hrs


In our senior levels, gymnasts will continue to develop advanced level skills in our developmental curriculum on all four apparatuses. You will witness your child refining their body control and posture as well as spending time in further developing core strength and flexibility. This low commitment high energy class is a great way to stay connected to the sport of gymnastics and maintain and learn new skills, all lead by experienced and qualified coaches. This class is also a great way to increase participants acrobatic skill level for additional sports such as dance and cheerleading, in a fun and social yet exciting environment.

These levels will take participants from executing gymnastics skills on all four apparatuses, to expanding their repertoire to master a wide range of advanced and acrobatic skills

Level 5-10 classes run for 2hrs


Here's what you can expect at your class!

  • Fun and engaging MLC GFA Program to help your child progress through to a confident gymnast!

  • Trained and accredited Gymnastics Australia coach to help your child learn through fun and challenge. Our coaches care!

  • Capped at 9 children per coach

  • Suitable for girls and boys.

  • Classes run Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday AND Sunday to work around those busy family schedules!

  • Termly Progress reports to keep up to date with your gymnast's development

  • End of year annual club championships