To outline the method MLC Gymnastics adopts in managing fees and refunds for the Gymnastics for All (GFA) and Kindergym Programs (including Pocket Rocket).
General Information
All external MLC Gymnastics members are required to pay fees prior to the commencement of each term upon receipt of their invoice.  See below for payment methods.
MLC students participating in any programs run by MLC Gymnastics have their training fees, other applicable fees and levies added to their student account and payment is made directly to the College. Copies of invoices can be issued on request. Billing dates are set by the MLC Finance Department and may not coincide with the Gymnastics / School Terms.
Some programs attract levies and extra costs for uniforms and competitions. A summary of these costs is included within this document. 
Fees and Levies
Gymnastics Victoria (GV) Registration Fee
MLC Gymnastics is registered and affiliated with Gymnastics Victoria (GV) and Gymnastics Australia (GA).  All gymnasts, coaches and judges must also be registered members of the abovementioned organisations.  An annual registration fee that provides Personal Sports Injury Insurance Cover is required for all MLC Gymnastics members participating in GFA and Kindergym programs. This registration fee is set by GV and GA every year and is collected by MLC Gymnastics on their behalf.  It is a non-refundable fee; however it is transferable if the athlete moves to another gymnastics club.
Please Note: If athletes are enrolled in gymnastics and cheerleading, both the Gymnastics Victoria and AASCF registration fees will need to be paid.
Maintenance Levy
Every athlete participating in an MLC Gymnastics program is required to pay an annual Maintenance Levy as a contribution to the maintenance costs and upgrading of equipment and facilities at MLC Gymnastics. The levy will be charged at the beginning of every year or upon joining MLC Gymnastics and will only be charged once per athlete (per year) irrespective of the number of programs the athlete is enrolled in.
Gymstar Uniforms
All Gymstar athletes are required to have the relevant uniform for competitions.
The Gymstar uniform consists of the MLC Gymstar long sleeve leotard and MLC competition tracksuit jacket, which are purchased through the MLC Gymnastics Office, black leggings (no specific brand required) and a black hair ribbon.
For further information please refer to the Uniform Policy.
Gymstar Competition Levy
Gymnasts participating in competitions will be required to pay a competition levy to cover the costs of their participation.  Levies are based on the cost of the competition entry fees, the number of competitions entered and administration costs.
The Competition Levy is charged with Term 2 fees. 
Gymstar Levy
Gymstar athletes are required to have choreographed floor routines. Levies are charged to cover the cost of choreography, music, planning and judging at competitions.
  Terms and Conditions (Applicable to both MLC and Non-MLC students)

  • Holding fee: If a child is going to be absent for a period of 4 or more consecutive weeks (unrelated to illness/injury), a holding fee may be paid to reserve their place in the class.  There is no reduction of fees for absences less than 4 weeks – full fees must be paid.  An email notification should be sent to the relevant Program Manager/Coordinator and the holding fee must be paid prior to the period of absence.

    The holding fee is equal to 50% of the fees for the period of absence.  It does not come off the following term’s fees and is non-refundable.

  • Injury or illness: Athletes may be eligible for a credit of 50% of fees in the case of injury or illness. The absence must be for a period of 2 or more consecutive weeks. Parents should apply in writing and provide a medical certificate to the Program Manager at the time of injury/illness. Credits will be offset against the following term’s fees. No make-up classes will be offered.

  • Withdrawal from Programs: Two weeks’ written notification to the Program Manager prior to discontinuing would be greatly appreciated. This written notice can be sent as an email or delivered to the office.

    Term fees are non-refundable therefore it is advisable for students to discontinue at the  end of term. Fees will not be refunded for unattended classes if a student discontinues during the course of the term.  If you do not notify us that your child will be discontinuing,  before the next term begins, any credits in the system from prior terms will be forfeited, and no refund will be given for these credits.

  • Transfers: The GV registration fee paid at MLC Gymnastics is transferable in the year it is paid if a gymnast moves to another club.  This will be managed by the clubs and GV on behalf of the transferring gymnast.

Terms and Conditions (Applicable to Non-MLC Students only)
Payment of fees
Full payment of fees must be made by the due date on the invoice. Payments are due within 2 weeks of the invoice date. Fees for the following term are invoiced 2 weeks before the end of the current term.
The person completing and submitting the Enrolment form will be held responsible for the settlement of all accounts.
Late Payment of Fees
If full payment for the following term is not received by the due date, your child’s position in the class is not guaranteed and may be offered to a child on the waiting list for that class.
If the position has not been offered to another child, your child may continue in the program and a late payment fee of $20 will be added to your invoice for the next term.
If the position has been filled, your child can be placed on the waiting list for that class or move to another class if that option is available.
Payment methods
Credit Card: Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and Diners. Credit card payments can be done over the phone, but we recommend using the College’s online portal. MLC has secure internet settings, however please be aware of the risk attached to forwarding credit card details via email.

Please go to https:// www.mlc.vic.edu.au/onlinepayments. Scroll down and click on the second ‘MAKE A PAYMENT’ option “For Non-MLC Parents … and follow the prompts.  

  • Enter your Customer (Account) Code and Invoice Number which are located in the top right-hand corner of your invoice.

  • A surcharge of 1.08% (Mastercard, Visa, AMEX) or 1.73% (Diners Club) will be calculated and added to the final payment.

  • After payment confirmation, a receipt will be generated automatically and emailed to you.

Cheque payable to MLC Gymnastics.
EFTPOS (Debit Card) available at the Gymnastics Office during office hours.
Please note: Electronic Funds Transfer and BPAY options are not presently available. Cash payments over $100 will also not be accepted.
Difficulty with payment: Please contact the MLC Gymnastics Manager on 9274 6443 or one of the Bookkeepers on 9274 8576 for a confidential discussion as soon as a difficulty with payment arises. 
Confidentiality and Reporting
All information regarding payments, invoicing and personal details are considered strictly confidential and are not disclosed to those who aren’t directly involved.
Please refer to the MLC Gymnastics Privacy Policy for more information.
Contact Us
If you would like further information, please contact MLC Gymnastics on 9274 6410.
Fee and Levies Summary